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An information board at the castle’s lower courtyard.

Bodrum Castle Plan

Visiting the castle is sure to be a memorable experience for any traveller, however, having a Bodrum Castle plan can add value to the adventure.

The Bodrum Castle is a complex of buildings, courtyards and towers, spread across 180 metres by 185 metres. With all the various levels, buildings and passageways, it can be easy to miss out some museum sections while exploring. Thus, a floor plan of the castle is essential for any traveller planning to visit.

The floor plan allows guests to quickly identify the different points of interest. With a plan, you can easily locate the different buildings, courtyards, and coffee shops. As a result, it allows you to focus on the areas that interest you the most.

The layout will also help you to find the best places to take photos. With so many architectural details and incredible views, it can be easy to miss out on some of the most impressive sights. If you have a floor plan, you can get the most out of your visit and ensure that any of the castle’s beauties won’t go unnoticed.

A 3D Google Earth image, showing the entrance and exit of the castle.
3D Bodrum Castle plan, showing the entrance and exit of the castle.

Don’t worry about taking a wrong turn and getting lost. You are perfectly safe here. It is a small castle and there are museum officials at every corner to help you find your way. The Bodrum Castle Plan is only for you so that you don’t skip any of the museum sections.

The Locations in the Bodrum Castle Plan

The Bodrum Castle Plan.
The Bodrum Castle Plan. Click to enlarge.

Exhibition Areas

1. Haluk Elbe Art Gallery

2. Cannon Exhibition Area

3. Gateway Tower

4. Amphora Depot Exhibition Area

5. Southern Observation Terrace

6. Turkish Bath

7. Chapel (Castle Mosque)

8. Anchor Exhibition Area

9. Stone Artifacts Exhibition Area

10. History of Underwater Archaeology

10. Amphora Exhibition

10. Serce Limani Glass Shipwreck Exhibition

11. Yassiada Shipwrecks Hall

12. Spanish Tower: Tektas Shipwreck Exhibition

13. German Tower: Bozukkale Archaic Shipwreck Exhibition

14. History of Bodrum Peninsula and Halicarnassus

15. Italian Tower: Early Bronze Age Necropolises Exhibition

16. French Tower: Musgebi Necropolis

16. French Tower: Pedesa Ancient City Exhibition

17. Halicarnassus Eastern Necropolis Exhibition

18. Carian Princess Hall

19. Late Bronze Age Shipwrecks Exhibition

20. English Tower: Knights of Saint Jean Exhibition

Service Areas

A. Ticket Office

B. Castle Entrance

C. Museum Café

D. Gift Shop

E. Rest Rooms

F. Castle Exit

Credits for the Bodrum Castle Plan

Although I like to think that I know the castle by heart, preparing the Bodrum Castle Plan would not have been possible without getting help.

Google Earth is the number one tool which I extensively use for The Best of Bodrum, and my admiration for this incredible service is not limited to my blog. I also use it for various reasons, from trip planning to scheduling customer visits. It has helped me a lot with this article. In addition, I am grateful to the anonymous people who contributed to creating the 3D model of the castle.

The people who work at the castle deserve special thanks too because they always do their best to answer my endless questions. They are also responsible for placing informative signs across the castle, which provide the basis of the Bodrum Castle Plan.

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