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A section from the Aegean Traveller’s Bodrum map.

Bodrum Map

Having a Bodrum map in your possession prior to your trip would be handy to get the most out of your stay. Exploring new places and discovering what is out of sight in a limited time requires planning and that is what maps are for.

Bodrum is the largest town in a peninsula located at the southwest of the Aegean coast of Turkiye. However, there are many other towns and villages in the vicinity of the peninsula. All locations have different characteristics to enjoy. It is a traveller’s dream! You can see a new place, have dinner in a different atmosphere and relax on a different beach, every day. You can even visit them all at the same day. However, I don’t recommend it since it will probably be exhausting.

To be able to find your way to the different locations in the Bodrum Peninsula, a physical or digital copy of a Bodrum map would be a useful tool. If you have limited internet access, the importance of having a map is even bigger.

Find a Bodrum Map

Finding a local map is easy when you are in town. You can buy one from the airport, a gift shop, a museum, or a newspaper stand for a song. Your hotel may also offer a free copy.

Cover of a Bodrum map.
Free Bodrum maps can be found at various locations.

In the town centre it is even easier. Visiting Tourist Information Office which is 50-60 metres away from Bodrum Castle is a good source for free maps. Owned by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, they usually have lots of give-away copies on their shelves.

In addition, I prepared a Bodrum Peninsula Map, and it is available for free download. It can be used even if there is no internet connection. It is a basic map, but I am planning to improve it by adding new locations in time.

Download Aegean Traveller’s Free Map

The Bodrum Map you are about to download was prepared by using Google’s great service: Google Maps. Dozens of screenshots were overlapped to create a larger, detailed map. I have added towns, villages, and a few places of interest so far, but I will include more locations as I publish the relevant articles.

The map is in Adobe’s pdf file format. Once you download it to your device for free, you won’t need internet access to view. You can use it at home, at your office, in your hotel room or on a beach. You are free to distribute the map but please give credit to The Best of Bodrum as well!

To view the map, you need to have a pdf reader software installed on your device. If you don’t have any, you will find the download instructions for Adobe Acrobat Reader below, which is the most popular and free pdf reader in the market.

Clicking the following link will open Adobe Acrobat Reader’s download site. Follow the instructions to complete your installation.

Download Acrobat Reader

If your device – your PC, tablet, notebook, or smartphone – already has a software for viewing pdf files, click the below link directly to begin downloading your Bodrum map. I have already checked it for viruses and malware with Bitdefender Internet Security software. Yet, I recommend using your own security software upon the completion of the download.

Download Bodrum Map

The map has 12 pages with a total size of 4.12MB.

I hope The Best of Bodrum’s Bodrum Peninsula Map will serve you well as you explore new and exciting places.

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