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A seagull flying against the blue sky in the Aegean region.

How to Tell If You are Possessed by the Aegean Spirits?

Have you ever wondered why some of the greatest civilizations in history chose to settle along the coasts of the Aegean Sea? Even after thousands of years, the Aegean Sea remains one of the top destinations in the world. What is it about this place that has captivated minds and hearts since ancient times? It is the Aegean spirits!

These spirits have been inspiring human creativity since the ancient times. They have been hunting down the artists, travellers, entrepreneurs and all the free spirits from all over the world for centuries. We can feel their presence in the spell of the siren’s call, the passion of the ancient gods, and the quickened beat of our hearts when recalling our Aegean memories.

If you feel that something in your life has changed since your return from an Aegean trip, you might have been possessed by the Aegean Spirits. This is what happens when you love something and someone. It seizes your mind, becoming a part of who you are.

What the Aegean Spirits Do?

The Aegean has lured travellers like Herodotus, and mighty leaders such as Alexander the Great for ages. It has witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations and the birth and death of ancient gods. Today, it continues to bring joy and happiness to worldwide travellers and adventurers.

People at a local restaurant, some watching others dance in a traditional Aegean style.
Diners enjoying local cuisine and traditional dance in Aegean restaurant.

What’s the secret that still keeps drawing people from all corners of the world each year? It’s the mystical allure of the Aegean spirits which seems to infiltrate our minds and hearts from the moment we step onto these enchanting lands. Once these spirits possess you, there’s no turning back. The Aegean claims a part of your heart and thoughts forever.

The Test

Wondering if you’ve fallen under the enchantment? To help determine if you’re under their influence, I’ve created a test. Simply review the 20 symptoms provided below. For each symptom you have, give yourself 5 points. Once done, check your score to see if you’re already under the spell of the spirits, like many others have found themselves to be.

You may be possessed by the Aegean spirits…

  1. If you can’t stop thinking about being back to the Aegean as soon as possible.
  2. If you occasionally find yourself looking at the old pictures taken in the Aegean.
  3. If you are planning to visit the exact same spots where you had been before for your next time.
  4. If your family relations start to seem more important than they were before.
  5. If building personal relations with totally strangers is much easier than ever.
A photo of an interaction with a couple in a Bodrum restaurant, showing easy personal connections, demonstrating the power of the Aegean spirits.
Aegean culture’s ease in connecting with strangers.
  1. If you can’t bear to stay inside anymore and you need fresh air.
  2. If you start to take time to interact with the stray animals wandering around.
  3. If listening to the stories of the elderly people is no longer boring.
  4. If long and cheerful conversations with your family and friends on a dinner table sounds a better alternative than partying all night.
  5. If greeting someone with kisses from both cheeks doesn’t feel weird anymore.
  6. If you are asking your friends if there are any home cooking restaurants close to your work.
  7. If you are asking others first if they want something before ordering for yourself.
  8. If you make peace with the idea of drinking a cup of tea whenever and wherever you are offered.
  9. If you think bringing a bowl of hot soup to your sick neighbour would be a kind gesture.
  10. If you can smile at people who think that “personal space” is overrated.
  11. If you remain calm when the handyman doesn’t appear on time as promised.
  12. If you raise your palms automatically when you see a bottle of lemon cologne on your host’s hand.
A selfie with a cute stray dog during a Bodrum hike, both looking at the camera.
Unlikely friends: bonding with a stray dog during Bodrum hike.
  1. If you prefer shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables from open marketplaces like Bodrum Market and feel the urge to sample the product before you buy it.
  2. If you feel inclined to follow a more casual dress code, like sandals, shorts, and t-shirts, even in professional settings.
  3. If you start to make plans with sentences like “let’s go outside during the next full moon” without specifying the date.

Test Result

If you are done with the test, match your final score with one of the score ranges below.

Score 80-100: Apparently, the Aegean spirits have already got you. I am happy to say that there is no cure for you. You discovered the beauty of the unique details in local culture, didn’t you? You must be already planning your next Aegean trip. See you there!

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Score 50-75: The spell is cast, and the Aegean passion is growing inside you. You are trying to decide what Aegean destination you will explore next. Meeting locals and getting know them sounds like a good idea. I would suggest checking local communities such as art societies and nature sports groups so that you can gain more insights about the culture while discovering new places.

Score 25-45: You may have some reservations in leaving yourself with the flow in an unfamiliar culture. You may feel safer in your comfort zone but surely you would enjoy exploring the local culture, history, and nature further. The Aegean Sea is home to friendly, warm, and understanding people, on both sides of its shores. Gradually stepping outside of your comfort zone will lead to new experiences and a sense of satisfaction. Take your time. There’s no rush. After all, taking things slowly is typical of the Aegean style!

A farmer's market in Bodrum with locals and stalls selling fresh herbs and vegetables.
Exploring local life at Bodrum farmer’s market.

Score 0-20: This seems like a low score for a traveller! Have you ever been to any part of the Aegean? Just kidding 😀 You might be a beach fan or a partying enthusiast who hasn’t had the chance to blend in the local culture and explore the region’s beauty. We all have different travel preferences, so do what feels right for you. If you’ve had negative experiences that disconnected you from the Aegean spirits, I’m sorry. However, I suggest being open-minded and giving it another chance when possible. I’m confident you’ll find something for yourself this time.

The Conclusion

That was my test to see if you got caught up in the Aegean spirit like me. It’s not a scientific thing, but it might give an idea if diving into Aegean culture could be your thing or not.

Why not share your score with us by leaving a comment below? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Aegean spirits too. And feel free to tell us about your favourite spots, not just in the Aegean but anywhere in the world.

Thanks for taking the test!

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