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View of the Aegean Sea with dark clouds and sunbeams.

Winter in Bodrum and Weather Tips

Bodrum is a beautiful town all year round. Even the winter in Bodrum has its own special charm. The scenery changes with cloudy skies and winds. The winter weather of Bodrum is usually similar to autumn season of many other parts of the world. The average temperatures are above 10°C, so it’s not too cold.

However, there are a few things to consider when planning a winter trip to Bodrum due to the unpredictable nature of the Mediterranean climate. The northeast and southwest winds, along with frequent rain showers, are a part of daily life in Bodrum during the winter. But don’t worry, there are also lots of sunny days with clear skies. You just need to be prepared for sudden changes in the weather.

Seeing snow in the coastal areas would be like winning a lottery. Despite the absence of snow, there is still plenty to enjoy. The winter weather may be a bit unpredictable, but that just adds to the excitement of exploring this amazing region. So, pack your bags and enjoy the charms of winter in Bodrum.

Winter in Bodrum

The winter in Bodrum is characterized by winds and occasional rain showers. The northeasterly and southwesterly winds significantly impact life in Bodrum during this season.

The winds from the northeast bring cold weather to Bodrum Peninsula. They carry the wintry cold from the inner parts of Anatolia to the shore. When the winds meet the coastal humidity, it can feel freezing, even if the temperature is around 10°C-12°C. Fortunately, this extreme feeling of cold doesn’t happen too often.

Bodrum coastline in January, people sitting at tables on the sandy beach.
Enjoying the sun in winter in Bodrum, as people relax on the sandy beach with a clear blue sky.

On the other hand, the southwesterly winds bring warmth from the southern Mediterranean. This may sound good at first glance. However, when it blows strongly, it is usually bad news for boats and buildings near the shore. The waves generated by southwest winds can sometimes reach heights of 2-3 meters, causing significant material damage to coastal buildings and leading to boats washing up on the shore. On the bright side, these waves create a beautiful setting for capturing amazing photos.

The weather forecast for destinations along the Aegean coast is not very reliable, unless it is summer. Sudden changes in the weather require you to be prepared for any condition. The worst-case scenario is to be stuck indoors for a few days due to heavy rain. However, you might also experience surprisingly hot days and find yourself enjoying the bright Aegean sun.

I have friends who go swimming every day of the year, as long as it’s not windy or rainy. The average sea temperatures are around 17°C-18°C. Still too cold for me! Nevertheless, I see my friends and many foreign visitors rushing to the beaches as soon as the sun appears during the winter in Bodrum.

Monthly Average Temperatures for Winter in Bodrum

I’ve compiled weather data from the Turkish State Meteorological Service, the national weather authority, and created the table below. I believe it clearly demonstrates the unpredictable nature of Bodrum’s winter weather.

Average Temperature (°C)12.711.411.3
Average Highest Temperature (°C)16.415.215.2
Highest Temperature (°C)24.523.124.0
Average Lowest Temperature (°C)
Lowest Temperature (°C)0.2-1.6-4.5
Average Sea Temperature (°C)
Mean Monthly Sunshine Hours (hr)
Number of Average Rainy Days (day)
Monthly Average Total Rainfall (kg/m2)149.0135.5116.0

As you might have noticed already, there’s a substantial increase in average monthly rainfall compared to other seasonal weather statistics for Bodrum. For instance, in September, the average rainfall is 10.7. It rises to 45.0 in October and reaches 93.6 in November. December sees the highest rainfall of the year with 149.0 kg/m2.

Higher rainfall in a touristic destination might be an inconvenience for some visitors. However, the entire region relies on this precipitation to survive throughout the year. Bodrum, like much of Turkey, faces challenges in managing its water resources efficiently. Consequently, locals cherish the rain, even though it may lead to a decrease in the number of visitors and income.

Another noticeable data in the table is the temperature range. While the highest temperatures are comfortable enough for wearing a t-shirt, the lowest temperatures require typical winter clothing. Due to the unpredictable weather, experiencing both extremes in a single day is possible. to prepare for momentary weather changes, I suggest continuing to read for weather and wardrobe tips for the winter in Bodrum.

Rainy day in winter in Bodrum, empty cafe tables under rain, view of the Aegean Sea and Bodrum Castle.
Rainy day in Bodrum, with an empty cafe overlooking the dark blue sea and the silhouette of Bodrum Castle.

Winter Tips for Winter Season

Rain showers and windy weather are common during winter in Bodrum. To protect yourself from heavy downpours, don’t forget to bring your weatherproof jacket. Sometimes, the local drainage system is not able to handle the intense rainfall, which results in large puddles on the pavements and roads. For such cases, having water resistant boots or sneakers can help keep your shoes and socks dry.

I have previously mentioned the northeasterly winds that bring cold weather from the inner parts of the country. Although not frequent, these winds occur occasionally. If you find yourself in northern winds, wearing gloves, a beret, and a scarf can keep you warm and more comfortable. However, I personally think that wearing these accessories is unnecessary in any other condition.

The weather may surprise you with cycles of sun and clouds in this season. Despite the colder temperatures, I always carry my swimsuit with me, just in case. Still, I must admit that I have never needed it during winter as it is still too cold for me. Nonetheless, I have seen many people, especially international visitors, enjoying the azure waters as soon as the sun appears. If you are okay with sea temperatures ranging from 16°C to 18°C, take your swimsuit with you. And don’t forget to bring a couple of t-shirts and sweaters for warmer days.

Old stone houses, dark clouds and sunlight in winter in Bodrum.
Stone houses shining under a contrast of dark clouds and sunlight of the winter in Bodrum.

In my experience, popular weather data providers, such as the ones we use on our mobile phones, may not always provide the most reliable forecast information in winter in Bodrum. Many local seamen and nature sports groups rely on Windguru for hourly forecasts, wind speeds, temperatures, and weather alerts. While I can’t guarantee the accuracy of Windguru, the fishermen and yacht captains I know consider this free online service to be one of the most reliable weather data providers for the Mediterranean coast.

Please note I am not endorsing Windguru. It is a free website that I have heard and used in Bodrum. It provides global weather information for windsurfers, kitesurfers, and sailors.

Backpacks and Sunglasses Forever!

Regardless of the season, I can’t live without my backpack and sunglasses in Bodrum. They are my all-time favourites. They are very useful for carrying essential items such as t-shirts, weatherproof jackets, cameras, and other personal belongings in winter. In the summer, they come in handy for carrying water bottles, cameras, books, fruits, and anything you purchase from the market. In addition, backpacks always have enough space to carry your sunglasses, right?

Snow and Wintery Cold

Snow is extremely rare in the Bodrum Peninsula. Many children in Bodrum have never seen snow in their lives, except on TV. There are different claims among the locals about when was the last time snowflakes fell on the peninsula. While some claim it was 10-15 years ago and lasted only a minute, others insist it was in the 1970s. I don’t know which one is true, but it would be amazing to witness this beautiful Aegean town covered in snow.

Although the winter in Bodrum is usually pleasant, the inner parts of the Aegean region is usually colder than the coastal areas. Surrounding towns like Milas, where Milas Bodrum Airport is located, occasionally experience frost and snowfall. If your plans include taking day trips to nearby locations, you should consider the winter conditions when packing.

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