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Bodrum Castle and the old harbour in autumn sunset

Magic of Autumn in Bodrum and Yellow Summer

The autumn in Bodrum, particularly in September and October, is an excellent season for exploration and discovery without sacrificing the joy of a beach vacation. It is the best time for blending in with the locals, travelling to remote historical sites, and visiting natural wonders of the region, all while still enjoying a beach holiday.

Even though the temperatures start dropping in mid-September, that doesn’t necessarily mean the summer days are over yet. Rainfall remains relatively low, and the sea temperatures reaches the highest of the year as a result of the previous hot summer days. Beachgoers can usually savour the coastline until the second half of October.

Meanwhile, excessive temperatures of the past summer drop to more favourable levels for physical activities. You can start exploring remote historical sites and natural wonders of the region that require long walks in nature in autumn in Bodrum.

Autumn in Bodrum

When September arrives, things start changing in Bodrum. It marks the end of summer. The weather gets cooler and it’s time for work and school again. The tourists and vacation house owners start leaving, and the locals reclaim their streets. It’s like changing of the shifts.

The local economy depends a lot on tourism. When the guests go back to their regular lives, locals finally get some time for themselves. It’s been a busy summer, working hard, but now it’s their chance to relax and enjoy their beautiful home.

Locals call September and October the “Yellow Summer” because it’s their only break. Unlike their visitors, they can’t leave town during the summer because they need to make money. They save during the tourist season so they can survive the rest of the year. But now, as the guests go back to their home, they come out to the streets, bars, and restaurants. Plus, the weather is still good for spending quality time at the beaches.

Scenic view of Bodrum's renowned Bars Street with restaurants setting up for dinner along a pebble coastline, surrounded by hotels and pensions featuring traditional Mediterranean architecture.
Bodrum’s famous Bars Street with restaurants setting up for dinner in November.

There are over 450 art, culture, and sports societies in Bodrum. Most of them take a break in June since the members work in the hospitality industry. They are usually too busy to socialize during the summer. Around mid-September, they start their activities again. There are more concerts, exhibitions, and nature activities as the weather cools down and the number of visitors decreases.

This is my favourite time to visit Bodrum. I spend my time exploring the narrow streets and hidden wonders of the peninsula. I take long walks and meet new people without the rush of the peak season. And I love starting my day in the refreshing waters of the Aegean. All of these activities are only possible together in autumn in Bodrum.

Monthly Average Temperatures for Autumn

Based on personal preferences, the ideal travel time varies for each person. For example, if you are willing to spend all day at a Bodrum beach, summer is the time you should plan for. If you want to follow the footsteps of ancient people by hiking the Carian Trail, springtime can be a wise choice due to the awakening of the nature and more favourable temperatures for hiking. However, if you want to experience both, the autumn in Bodrum has a great potential to provide what you are looking for.

Making an informed decision for determining the best time to visit Bodrum is not possible with weather forecasts. To help you in making that decision, I have collected seasonal weather statistics from the Turkish State Meteorological Service. After organizing all the data, I came up with the following table which I hope you find useful.

Average Temperature (°C)24.520.315.8
Average Highest Temperature (°C)30.325.520.2
Highest Temperature (°C)39.838.931.0
Average Lowest Temperature (°C)20.416.712.7
Lowest Temperature (°C)10.810.82.0
Average Sea Temperature (°C)
Mean Monthly Sunshine Hours (hr)
Number of Average Rainy Days (day)
Monthly Average Total Rainfall (kg/m2)10.745.093.6

As you might have noticed already, September and October generally offer pleasant weather with comfortable temperatures. While there may be some variation from year to year, you can typically expect high temperatures and low rainfall during these months, making it suitable for both nature adventures and beach vacations.

In November, you may still experience summer-like weather in Bodrum. However, it is important to note that as autumn in Bodrum progresses, the weather becomes more unpredictable.

Tips for Autumn in Bodrum

The temperature difference between daytime and nighttime gets wider in autumn, compared to summers. Even if you had enjoyed your time at the beach all day in your swimsuits, nights can be chilly. Carrying a sweatshirt in your backpack can be a lifesaver.

Autumn in Bodrum is when locals come out to relax and enjoy the yellow summer at the cafes, restaurants, and beaches. A simple “hello” may start a long and pleasant conversation with them. During these conversations, you can learn more about the rich culture of Bodrum. They can also provide valuable insights and recommendations for your trip.

After the mid-September hotel prices and flight rates start to decrease compared to the peak summer season. If you are on a budget, autumn is an excellent time to travel to Bodrum.

A clear blue sky overlooking a hotel pool in Turgutreis during autumn. The pool is surrounded by lounge chairs and umbrellas, signalling the end of the season.
The last rays of sunshine at a serene hotel pool in Turgutreis before winter sets in.

Starting in October, some hotels and entertainment venues shut down their operations for the winter. Especially smaller towns and villages like Bitez, Torba, Akyarlar, and Gumbet look deserted except only a few restaurants and cafes keeping their doors open all year long. However, there are still a substantial number of hotels and restaurants staying open throughout the year in Bodrum, Turgutreis, and Yalikavak which are the biggest towns in the peninsula.

Regardless of the season, Bodrum attracts a large number of visitors, especially during weekends. If your travel dates include a weekend, don’t forget to book your hotel room, or make a reservation at your favourite restaurant before your arrival.

In short, autumn in Bodrum offers pleasant weather, beautiful beaches, and a lively atmosphere. It provides comfortable temperatures for outdoor activities and exploring the region. Considering these weather tips, I believe you can make the most of your trip to Bodrum during the autumn season.

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